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Some children's comments taken from test papers November 1975 in one of Susan Svendsgaard's classes grades fourth through sixth, Berkeley, California. The students were viewing a color painting of mine.

"I saw flashing moving throw the coloring."

"I saw the middle disappear and the slides around it turned red and the bright green showed more than all the colors and didn't change…"

"I saw just a picture. But the white dot was missing. It looked like a colurful, never-ending hall. The colurs were deep and still yet bright. The colurs seemed to blur, and flash but at the same time they seemed normal in a endless cobweb of colurs."

"I saw nothing at first then I saw nothing but a green."

"the green that imbetween the brown lost the 3 d and started glowing extremely bright. I couldn't tell it was woven when it was glowing but I could tell it was woven when it wasn't glowing."


"It turns browen wind you look at it. The dot is blully. The dot and the green and blue line turns invisible."

"In the Fitzpatrick paint, I saw…nothing!"

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